You don’t need to be strong for anyone.

I know. You may argue with me. “I need to be strong for my kids.” “I need to be strong for my mom.”

If being strong means arranging for meals for your kids or making sure your mom is safe, that’s fine.

If being strong means not crying in front of your kids or your mom, or not acknowledging their grief and yours, we need to chat a bit.

For my dad’s generation, being strong meant “not crying”. Which meant that we learned that even if your heart was breaking because a parent was dying, you shouldn’t cry.

I would love to have future generations know that feelings are great, that tears are a perfect response to deep loss, that Jesus was willing to listen and weep and talk with his grieving friends.

You can be as strong or as weak as you need to be, but you don’t have to do it for anyone else.


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