People say really stupid things to hurting people. They usually don’t mean it.

The mom and dad were sitting by the bed. Their toddler was close to death. Within an hour or two, the child would be gone.

I was talking them through what was going to happen next. I said, “People are going to say things without thinking.”

There are so many things people say. In one of our oldest stories of comfort that failed,  Job lost his kids, his belongings, and his health. And then Job’s three friends rubbed pain into his wounded heart with words of blame.

The mom nodded. She understood. And she said, “But they mean well.”

She’s right, of course, but she was more gracious than I would be.

What can you do?

You can smile and nod. You can avoid those people (at least for now). You can enlist a friend to be with you and protect you. You can excuse yourself to go to the restroom. You can respond with, “I know you mean well, but that’s not how I feel at the moment.”

You can find the people who give you life.



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